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Choose Your Day!

The One Day a Week Program is for capable students who need additional instruction, monitoring, and curriculum design. You can pick any one day a week for the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Students can also stay until 5:30 PM if necessary.

The One Day a Week Program is for grades 4-12 exists to encourage, educate and train students to become hard workers and capable learners. Students work on courses of study provided by parents, other schools, or chosen by Learning Concepts with each student’s needs in mind. Students receive direct instruction and mentoring toward success, as needed. Individualized programs may include study for standardized testing, tests for joint enrollment, college credit, and college enrollment paperwork, etc.

The One Day a Week Program Independent Study: Using computers, textbooks, and additional texts, students work on their own monitored school materials and in small cooperative learning groups. Courses such as math and science, etc. are directly instructed as needed.

Incentives: A variety of friendly incentives encourage students to manage their time and personal choices while achieving more as they move toward their personal educational goals.

This fun and inexpensive setting provides intensive tutoring for students who struggle on their own and enhances hybrid school learning.

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