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  • Randi St. Denis
    Randi St. DenisCo-Founder

    Randi St. Denis has thirty years experience tutoring and teaching classes for all types of learners from special needs to gifted.  As a professional speaker, Randi also trains teachers and parents how to work with all types of students, specializing in skill development and making information easy to learn.

  • Mark St. Denis
    Mark St. DenisCo-Founder

    Mark St.Denis, Randi’s son, also teaches classes and tutors. As a young CPA and computer expert he is especially appealing to middle and high school students.  Kids with learning differences are excited to work with him, they think he’s a rock star!

We specialize in cutting edge, targeted methods for developing student abilities and are pleased to report that many of our special needs students are now in colleges and are doing very well, even students with unique learning challenges.  With the development of better technologies, some of our students who were previously unable to learn easily, are now actually excelling.

Just a few examples are one student (selective mutism) who scored in the 97% in the nation on the SAT.  Two years ago, he could not read or write.  Another student (severe dyslexia and memory retrieval) is an A average student at a private college and dreams of opening a school for children who learn differently.  Also, a 14 year old (PDD/Aspergers) who could not read or relate two years ago is now a middle schooler who will talk with all kinds of people and is learning to navigate her perceptual problems and memory retrieval difficulties.

If parents are specifically interested in our Social Skills Communication classes, we use the extemely effective Barbara Hoskins approach with some RDI activities.  In small groups our students work hard at understanding the seven conversation moves and perfecting their abilities to begin and maintain satisfying conversations.  This yields remarkable results!

Parents will find our work unique and refreshingly successful. Feel free to telephone for more information.

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