About Us

Atlanta Learning Concepts was founded with 30 years of teaching experience ranging from gifted to special needs instruction. Our founder Randi St. Denis passes on her core concepts of skill development and information retention to create the foundation that Atlanta Learning Concepts is built on. […]

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Independent Study

A unique opportunity for students to complete their school studies while working towards college enrollment in a home school setting. This program is for capable students who need additional instruction and study hours. […]

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Classes & Seminars

With a variety of seminars & classes available for the student in us all, we offer training in education and college prep for parents who wish to take an active role in their child’s education. Check often for scheduling and booking. […]

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Atlanta’s Preferred Alternative Education Program

Atlanta Learning Concepts understands that there are no failed students, just failed lessons. Often times when a student is struggling in school it is not their fault but a product of a system that is incapable of addressing their learning style. Atlanta Learning Concepts handles these issues by reaching each student on a personal one-on-one level allowing for every student to access his or her full potential.

With the development of better technologies, some of our students who were previously unable to learn easily are now actually excelling. Just a few examples are one student (selective mutism) who scored in the 97% in the nation on the SAT. Two years ago, he could not read or write. Another student (severe dyslexia and memory retrieval) is an A average student at a private college and dreams of opening a school for children who learn differently. Also, a 14 year old (PDD/Aspergers) who could not read or relate two years ago is now a middle schooler who will talk with all kinds of people and is learning to navigate her perceptual problems and memory retrieval difficulties.

For Learning Conferences & Seminars like the Early Learners, Homeschooling the High Schooler, and the Struggling Reader & Speller, please visit SoutheastHomeschoolExpo.com to learn more and register.

One on One Education

Math Tutoring


A large number of our students struggle with math, but we are known for our ability to turn them into very capable math students. To do this, we use a high quality curriculum that is well written, not vague and is systematically presented. We also use online materials that make it easy to learn the steps of each calculation. Then we add excellent one-on-one instruction and constant guidance that gives the student confidence and mastery. […]

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College Exam Prep


Atlanta Learning Concepts provides individualized tutoring and classes for the SAT, ACT, and Compass College entrance exams. Instead of merely learning test taking tricks, as some study centers teach, our students raise their scores hundreds of points by learning HOW to actually answer the exam questions. Often high school students have gaps in their math or grammar abilities. We fill in those gaps as students learn how to accurately answer all kinds of test questions. […]

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Choose Your Day!

The One Day a Week Program

The One Day a Week Program is for grades 4-12 and exists to encourage, educate and train students to become hard workers and capable learners. Students work on courses of study provided by parents, other schools, or chosen by Atlanta Learning Concepts with each student’s needs in mind. Students receive direct instruction and mentoring toward success, as needed. Individualized programs may include study for standardized testing, tests for joint enrollment, college credit, and college enrollment paperwork, etc.

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Atlanta Educational Services

  • Tutoring
  • Educational Consulting and Training for Parents
  • Learning Support Therapy
  • One Day and Three Day A Week Classes
  • College Preparation
  • Exam Preparation


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